Small Group Training


If you prefer the camaraderie of working out with your friends or co-workers, my group training program is right for you. It allows for peer accountability, an extra challenge and building friendships in a fun environment.  Just get a few people who have similar goals and abilities, and I take care of the rest! The limit for small group sessions is a maximum of 5 clients. Why? I have found that limiting the group size allows me to provide the same accountability and high quality workouts clients have come to expect.

I can also come to your small group and train you there!

If you want to join a small group, ask me! I will do my best to fit you with a small group with similar goals and strengths.

I always begin with a full assessment (medical history, athletic/nutrition background and movement assessments) that provides me with the information I need to design a program for where you and your small group currently are, and then we build upon that.

4 training sessions a month      $35 pp each / $140 a month/pp

8 training sessions a month      $30 pp each / $240 a month/pp

12 training sessions a month    $25 pp each / $300 a month/pp

Save 10% on a 3-month purchase or a 6-month commitment