Healthy Cooking

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$200 monthly total for you and your family with a 3-month minimum commitment to this program

$50 additional for home visits to help you cook a healthy dinner or help you with pantry set up

Diet plans depend on your diet goals. Following a diet plan from me will provide you with specific dietary needs as they relate to fitness goals. A diet plan incorporates nutrition and fitness goals through food, beverages and, sometimes, supplements. It is best to gain your essential nutrients and vitamins through your diet.

Diet Plans to Lose Weight

I will create a diet plan for weight loss that emphasizes a low-fat diet. The diet will also draw from all the food groups, but it will be low in whole grains because of carbohydrates. High-fiber and nutrient-dense food will help keep you full and energized. Your diet plan will include plenty of vegetables, but it will limit fruit because fruit is a natural source of sugar. I encourage plenty of water throughout the day and discourage processed foods.

Diet Plans to Boost Energy

I will create a diet plan to boost energy will emphasize a plan around protein and carbohydrates. Choose lean proteins and enriched, whole grains. These will provide energy without adding too much fat or too many calories. Some energy-boosting diet plans encourage caffeinated beverages, such as coffee and diet cola. Tea, often green tea, is suggested as a natural source of energy. Sugar boosts, such as from honey or fruit, are also helpful to increase energy, especially before a long workout.

Diet Plans to Build Muscle

I will create a diet plan to help you build muscle will emphasize an eating plan that focuses on lean protein. Your meals and supplements will have lots of protein so that your body can metabolize the protein into muscle. A high-protein diet will also give you the power and endurance when hitting the weights. Muscle-building diet plans often include muscle enhancement shakes that are, again, high in protein.