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My passion is educating people about fitness, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle in a fun and positive way. I spend my days guiding and helping people reach the realistic goals they set for themselves. I believe that fitness and nutrition should be intertwined and be an intentional way of life.


Why Care About Blood Glucose Levels

Why Care About Blood Glucose Levels? High Blood Sugar: What does that mean? High blood sugar is an elevated level of the sugar glucose levels


Home Made, All Natural, Ear Wash!

So what happened to all the hydrogen peroxide in all the stores?

I often have problems with my ears. I can get ear infections quickly, so I have to be very proactive in taking care of them, staying on top of allergies and other things that can cause ear problems.


The Truth About Sugar!

Processed sugars are one of the single worst ingredients in the modern diet! It can contribute to all kinds of diseases and can devastate your