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All Natural Ear Wash

So what happened to all the
hydrogen peroxide in all the stores?

So what happened to all the hydrogen peroxide in all the stores?

I often have problems with my ears. I can get ear infections quickly, so I have to be very proactive in taking care of them, staying on top of allergies and other things that can cause ear problems.

I usually use hydrogen peroxide in my ears to disinfect and keep them clean in the form of a wash mixed with warm water or drops in the ear with a cotton ball.

Since “Covid 19” has happened I have not been able to find ANY hydrogen peroxide!

My ears where starting to not do well with drainage and tenderness.

So the other day, a bit in a panic, I tried something new!

I used Braggs apple cider vinegar (ACV) and mixed it 1:1 with warm water to create a wash for my ears. I used it as an ear syringe wash but you can also use this mixture on a cotton ball and place it in the ear.



I was so excited!


It actually worked better than hydrogen peroxide for me!


I found I needed to use this mix less often than I did hydrogen peroxide.

In researching all the benefits of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, I found that it has so many health benefits!

These include:

*aids in lowering glucose levels

*aids in losing weight

*relieves bloating, gas and heartburn

*promotes alkalinity

*natural antibacterial alternative for the body and cleaning

*great for skin


  …And much more!

I believe the antibacterial properties, detoxing properties and alkalinity balancing properties is what helped my ears so much!

So, If you have struggles with your ears like I do, reach for your ACV!

It is a great option!