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Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Wellness & Weightloss Support

Nutrition is at least 75% of the work on losing weight and keeping it off! Working out to build and/or tone muscle, and to increase overall cardiovascular/fitness health, is the other 25%! With this program I work with you each week on nutrition education and accountability.

You can come to me at my private studio, or I can come to you in the privacy of your own home!

Your health is the most valuable and important commodity that you have!

I always begin with a full assessment (medical history, athletic/nutrition background and movement assessments) that provides me with the information I need to design a program for where you currently are, and then we build upon that.

Each week I will record your weight, take measurements in inches, and measure your body fat percentage. We will discuss your previous week’s nutrition for accountability and I will offer suggestions and continued education. All this will allow you to see your progress, and BELIEVE me you will! If you are not training with me currently in the studio or at your home, I write you a workout/cardio plan monthly for you to follow on your own, and I show you how to execute each exercise safely and effectively!




Healthy Cooking Program


This is a great program that allows you to cook healthier for you family and can get them excited about healthier changes too!

I help you to engage the whole family in this healthy lifestyle! I will help you (and you can include family members) with education, a grocery store tour, recipes, step by step instructions, grocery lists, and examples of healthy meal plans that you alone, or with your family can implement.

I can also do a home visit to help you cook a wonderful healthy meal and ideas what to fill your pantry with for healthier eating.

I always start with a consultation to learn about you and/or your family’s likes and dislikes, goals, lifestyle, thoughts about nutrition, etc. You will receive from me nutritional education, shopping list, menu ideas and much more. We will also conduct a grocery store tour so that I can show you where your nutrition will benefit the most! Each week I will send you healthy recipes and education via email. I am always just a phone call away for questions!

Each month you come in for a follow up consultation to further discuss how you and/or your family is doing with this new healthy lifestyle, and how you are reaching your goals you have set for yourself/family.

We live in a “fast pace world” where we rush, eat out, or we don’t always make the best choices nutritionally! Let me show you how to eat healthier in today’s busy lifestyle. It is possible! Your health, as well as the ones you love, is the most valuable and important commodity that you have!

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