Client Testimonials

Essential Oils Testimonials

“I am prone to fever blisters on my lips from stress.  When I feel the first tender uneven bump on my lip of an emerging blister I have found that Thieves essential oil will knock it right out.  It’s a little warm on the skin so if you are sensitive you might need to mix it with carrier oil.  But I put just a drop of Thieves on it every few hours and it’s normally gone by the next day.  No ugly bump and scab that lasts for days.” — Judy Davis

Personal Training Testimonials

“I workout with Carol Anglin 2-3 times a week, my strength and endurance have increased incredibly quickly. The muscle tone and reduction of the wiggles are improving weekly…Carol, your awesome! I would highly recommend her for personal training and dietary assistance, Carol has instructed me in making the changes needed in achieving my weight loss and fitness goals.” — Valerie Ludwig Wagberg

“Carol is so knowledgeable about training and young living oils. I absolutely recommend her! When you incorporate your oils with your workout and eating routine, you will truly see results and she is a wonderful coach!”  — Kerri Hamilton

“I have been working out with Carol for about a year now.  We meet once a week.  She weighs and measures me discuss my nutrition and my workouts.  She has been designing my weekly workouts for me and she challenges me.  I’ve worked out for years on my own, but she keeps me accountable and challenges me in ways I wouldn’t challenge myself.  She also provides me encouraging words throughout the week.  I’ve lost over 20 pounds since the first of the year, gone down 4 to 6 dress sizes, lowered my blood pressure and feel great.  I still have more to accomplish but with Carol I know I will get there in a healthy and fun way.” — Judy Davis