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My goal/philosophy is to educate people on fitness, nutrition, and wellness in a fun and positive way.
Every person is different based on personality, gender, age, health and fitness level. My job is to guide and help them reach the realistic goals they set for themselves. I believe that fitness and nutrition should be intertwined and be an intentional way of life. Proper nutrition and activity is the “medicine” for our body that is most needed to help defend off disease, emotional stress, and physical injuries caused by daily life and aging. I use fitness, nutrition, supplementation and doTERRA Wellness Products to assist me in helping clients achieve these goals!

My passion is to educate people that taking care of themselves is one of the most wonderful things they can do for their families. That teaches our future generations that health and wellness is not selfish, but selfless. Our children need to see adults making health and wellness and priority, not a one time a year new year’s resolution that quickly fades away.



After implementing the proper assessments to see where a person is at, I design a plan specifically for them. The assessments tell me what muscles are weak, what muscles are strong, and where the compensations are in the body that can affect the integrity of their skeletal and muscular system. I then teach them how to implement the program using correct form and how to use proper nutrition to enhance their health and results.

Proper training increases flexibility, muscle strength, calcium retention, and structural integrity of the body. It is a great stress release and can heighten emotional well-being. When training is paired with proper nutrition it sets the body of for metabolic stabilization as well.


Here’s some facts that you may not have known.

  • 80% of the population will struggle with low back pain
  • 18% of adolescents and teenagers are estimated to be overweight; 35% of the adult population was overweight in 2012
  • Shoulder impingement is the most prevalent diagnosis of shoulder impairment
  • Preservatives, FDA approved, in the food we eat are laden with chemicals that affect the function and health of your body; read your food labels!
  • 1 ibuprofen a day over 5 years time increases chance of cancer by 50%
  • 1 aspirin a day over 5 years time increases chance of breast cancer by 80%
  • #1 reason for liver failure in the U.S. it NOT due to alcohol but acetaminophen
  • #4 leading cause of death in the U.S. is prescription drugs

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